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Dr Leslie Dean Brown (@VayaQuorum)

Reinstate Pluto's full planetary status!

Thomas Schwartz

I believe Pluto to be a Planet period! elitist arrogant condescending only 4% of AIU voted. Talk about a rigged vote!!! Only 4% that's like the Corn Husker Kickback, Louisiana Purchases, ...more than I can swallow.
If any celestial object needs examined again it might be Mars!! What's the density of that object? How hard is it to get into orbit around that light massed thing? As can be seen Pluto has FIVE satellites. It has density and mass to attract and hold not one but five moons!
Pluto will remain a Planet to me. (last time I listened to eggheads was in '82 when alignment of all planets on one side of sun failed to produce the predicted earthquakes.)

Theodore Stethem, EE/CS

There is one person responsible for downgrading Pluto as one of the Inner Solar System planets, the last one, Planet 9. That person is Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He downgraded Pluto in 2006 based on a technicality interpretation from the new definition of the word "planet" by the IAU. The technicality he cited was that Pluto didn't satisfy the third "requirement" for a planet classification, that it did not "clear its orbit" and that its orbit came "inside" the orbit of Neptune. I can prove he is totally wrong with this determination, and the reason is he was looking at an orbit map in 2D from an "overhead" view. In 3D, it is obvious Pluto's orbit is totally clear and never comes "inside" Neptune's orbit. These petitions need to be directed at Neil Degrasse Tyson, since what is needed is for him to retract his downgrade. There has been massive damage done to science due to this ego driven move. I have provided Philip Metzger with this information and he never responded back.

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